View Full Version : Lee wide angle adaptor on Schneider Super Symmar 110 XL

Vic Montaigne
19-May-2013, 04:58
Hi everyone!

I am aware of the warning to use any filter but B&W EW on this lens as the glass somewhat protrudes. I would like to screw on a Lee 67 mm wide angle adapter ring and use the Lee slotted wide angle hood with it. Mai I do so without having to fear that the ring might touch (and scratch) the glass surface near the rim. Can anyone tell me for sure?


Richard Wasserman
19-May-2013, 05:12
I use that set-up and it works just fine. The lens has a groove between the lens barrel and the retaining ring that secures the glass, and the Lee adapter fits in that groove. No problems!

Vic Montaigne
19-May-2013, 09:31
This is good news! Thanks for the reassurance.