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Mark Stahlke
18-May-2013, 09:49
I'll be in the Lexington, KY area for a few days next week. Does anyone have suggestions for shooting locations?

I'm mostly interested in color landscapes but I'd like to do some B&W urban/architecture stuff too.

Matt Miller
18-May-2013, 10:11
Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, and Woodford Reserve would be on my list if I were going to Lexington.

18-May-2013, 10:12
Hi! Lexington and most of it's environs are replete with amazing horse farms, old barns, quaint little churches and cemeteries.
My favorite road is the Old Frankfort Pike. The challenge is finding a spot to set and shoot.
A side street off Old Frankfort Pike is Pisgah Pike. Is also rather scenic.
You can head to Georgetown as well as to Versailles for some more scenic tours.
Downtown Lexington is small but one can find some old architecture worth capturing.
Another drive to Frankfort might get you some more arresting architectural shots.
Then are the distilleries that were already alluded to.

18-May-2013, 14:06
Red River Gorge is an easy drive from Lexington - about 40 miles. Good for landscapes, arches, day hikes. There is lots of information on the web.

Greg Davis
18-May-2013, 17:37
If you take Highway 68 south from Lexington about 20-30 minutes, you get to a former Shaker village that has great places to photograph, you also have to cross the Kentucky River which provides other opportunities.

Nathan Potter
19-May-2013, 19:52
As Greg says the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill (also known as Shakertown) is an old architectural gem. The most perfectly preserved of all the Shaker Villages with multiple dwellings in like new condition. You can drive in and park in various sections or even better, stay overnite in one of several original living quarters. I have very discretely used a 4X5 camera on site although I think it may be frowned upon I've never been interrupted. Last visit I used my new D800E hand held both inside and outside to obtain images that were truly impractical with a 4X5.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

P Wright
19-May-2013, 20:00
Check out the Kentucky Horse Park.