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18-May-2013, 07:42
My Eastman No 2 (5x7) has a modified front standard.
The hardware for securing the 4 1/2 inch square regular lens board has been removed
and replaced with a large brass plate below the level of the regular lens board.
There is a hole in the plate that that I believe was use for air release tubing to an internal Packard shutter.
See photos.

If so : What size Packard shutter ?

I like the idea of having an internal shutter and being able to use barrel lenses.
The rear cells of my present lenses do not penetrate very far into the bellows chamber.
Ektar f 7.7 203mm and CZ Tessar 13.5cm f 4.5 , both have shutters.

As you can see, I have mounted my lenses on very large lens boards and have used the lip/trough of the brass plate to hold the bottom of the new lens board. The top of the lens board is secured by the piece of brass that stabilized the top of the front standard.

I have not found a small hole that could have been use for the "pin" that some Packard shutter have for the "1/25" second speed.
I assume the shutter was for Time exposures only.

Are my assumptions even close to being correct or do I not have a clue ?



18-May-2013, 18:30
Update : According to the Packard website the # 5 and # 6 shutters are available in sizes 4 3/4 inch square and 5 inch square. Either size could be mounted behind the lens board holder. I have measured and either would fit. The other available sizes are either too small or too large.
I found this photo while doing a google search.

Roger Hesketh
18-May-2013, 19:00
My Eastman View 2 has a 5" inch square Packard mounted on the rear side of the front standard. It is mounted to a piece of board and that piece of board is attached to the front standard.The connections for the shutter release and flash sync exit the camera through the lower rail of the front standard.

18-May-2013, 19:02
Update : This photo is the back of my lens board holder. You may be able to see the multiple small holes that could have been made when there was an internal shutter.
The large hole was for the air release tubing.

I have not been a member long enough to have access to the "For Sale" forum. So this is just a question , not a "I want to buy" request.
An online site has a 5 inch square Packard shutter listed for $150.
Is that a reasonable price ?
Would I do better by buying (if available) from someone on this forum, after my 30 day waiting period ?

The back of the new lens board has not been painted black. That will happen soon.


Jim Noel
18-May-2013, 19:03
I suggest a 5", No. 6 Packard. You wil have to drill a hole for the "instant" pin.

18-May-2013, 19:05
Thanks Roger

18-May-2013, 19:08
Thanks Jim
It seems that the 5 inch square is the right choice.

Roger Hesketh
18-May-2013, 19:33
I have been trying to upload a picture of mine for you to show the way it is mounted. However it seems the pictures I have are to large and will not upload. I need to work out how to make them smaller.

18-May-2013, 22:01
Thanks Roger
My photos were shot with a 16 Mb or 16 megapixel camera, then uploaded into Lightroom.
When exported there is an option for maximum size. I type in 250 (k) per the forum's rules about size.
The originals are RAW , then exported as jpegs .

I'd love to see yours. I think having and using a Packard shutter would be so cool.

I am going to a local used camera show tomorrow. Maybe, I'll come home with a "new/old" shutter.
There is one every month in Pasadena. It is a great resource and lots of fun too.