View Full Version : Carl Zeiss 53mm 4,5 biogon lens board

David van Dam
18-May-2013, 04:58
Hi there,

Today my Zeiss 53 arrived and I'm excited to use it. But... I still need a lens board to fit it on my Technika 3. Google didn't tell me wich one to use so I thought I try you guys (and girls?). Whoe knows what to use?

best regards,

David van Dam

Bob Salomon
18-May-2013, 05:30
23 or 45 Technika? I don't think you can properly use the 53 on a 45 Technika III.

David van Dam
18-May-2013, 05:32
o dear, I have a 45...

Bob Salomon
18-May-2013, 05:55
That lens probably does not cover 45.
To use it on a III you will need a Linhof Wide Angle Focus device, not sure if they made one for the III, Then the lens will have to be mounted on a special 23 board to mount it on to the WA Focus Device.

That is how lenses shorter them 72mm had to be used with the IV and later models since the lens is so short it had to be positioned inside the camera body where there are no focusing tracks.

Currently the 3000 and the discontinued 2000 can take this lens directly since those two models have an internl WA focusing track inside the body. The other models; Master, V and IV now use focusing helicoids made for each specific lens wider then 72mm but there is no helicoid made for your lens. Closest would be the one for the 55mm Apo Grandagon - which does fully cover 45 - and that would not be right for your lens.
Or a camera like the 45TK which can use your lens without anything more special then the bag bellows. But there is still the question of does it fully cover 45?

Biogon 1:4,5 f=53 mm, image diameter of 115 mm, for professional cameras up to the 6 x 9 cm.

For 45 you need at least an 150mm image circle.