View Full Version : flash sync on LF lens without sync term (compound shutter)

Mike Netecke
16-Jun-2004, 15:40
Is there a good way to sync a flash to shutters without a sync terminal? I have a Dagor mounted in a Compound shutter.

Ralph Barker
16-Jun-2004, 15:45
Open the shutter on B or T in total darkness, and fire the strobes manually. Then, close the shutter.

Mike Netecke
16-Jun-2004, 15:50
I was wondering if there may be a shutter release made or something that would do it. I wanted to use the lens on people subjects.

Ernest Purdum
16-Jun-2004, 16:25
Mike, it could be done externally by rigging a microswitch which would close a circuit to a time delay which would fire the flash a few milliseconds later to allow for the blade opening time. It would have to be matched to the lag time of your particular shutter in order to use the faster speeds. Either one of the old solenoid releases or a double cable release might be a convenience in setting this up.

Many years ago, it was very common to add synchronization to these shutters. I don't know of anyone doing it now, though. Let's hope someone does and will contribute the name.

Bob Fowler
16-Jun-2004, 17:12
Since you're shooting portraiture, why not just front mount a #6 Packard w/sync to your lens and lock the Compound open? I use a front mounted Packard on a 305mm f/9 APO Nikkor for just that purpose. As Ernest said, you could have the shutter modified, but finding someone to do it may be a problem.

17-Jun-2004, 07:23
hi mike

maybe hub photo services does that sort of stuff. i know they sell all sorts of packard shutters ..


- john

Mike Netecke
17-Jun-2004, 11:34
Thanks for the replies. I found an interim solution using an old Prontor dual cable release to simultaneously trip my non-sync’ed compound and a sync'ed Copal with the pc cable hooked to the Copal. It works. My searches lead to discover some expensive but interesting triggers though…


17-Jun-2004, 11:37
I have a small device which is about 60mm long and perhaps 10mm in dimeter that screws into the cable release socket of the shutter. It has a plunger on top and a pc terminal on the side and is designed to fire both the shutter and the flash at once. I am certain I have used this in years past on both a 210mm Dagor and a Zeiss Protar which are mounted in old Compur shutters. I normally do not use these for any type of studio work since I have more recent shutters. I wonder if the shutter blade delay might not be a consideration as I have only very old strobes having long flash durations. I suppose I could make a few shots and check it out, but I do not recall having any difficulties when I used it before. It has no name on it only "Germany" and it seems to be nickle plated. Bill

David A. Goldfarb
17-Jun-2004, 13:06
I asked Steve Grimes about adding sync to an unsynched shutter, and he said he could do it, so I'd check with his shop to see if his assistants can handle that. If not, try Frank Marshman at CameraWiz. He handles custom work and is an excellent shutter repair technician.

Mark Sampson
22-Jun-2004, 09:21
I had SK Grimes add X-sync to a #5 Betax last year, no problem. I think later Compounds had synchronization, so there should not be too much difficulty getting it added to an older one.