View Full Version : Heating Pt/Pd solution before coating

17-May-2013, 23:17
Dear All,
Does any of you hear about heating the Platinum/Palladium coating solution before coating the paper? And what is the advantage?


18-May-2013, 02:51
Yes, in colder climates, or depending on the concentration of your Pt solution, there can be a precipitate of solid Pt or Pd salts on the bottom of your bottle. If you do not heat up the solution to get the salts in solution again you will get a weaker image.



Ken Lee
18-May-2013, 06:19
Slightly off-topic, but the color of the image can be controlled to some extent, by changing the temperature of the "developer": a warmer developer gives warmer images.

18-May-2013, 06:39
as ken said a second ago.
In addition the colour of the final print changes with heating the developer, as well as other characteristics

18-May-2013, 22:36
I always use the coating solution when it is cold! from the refrigerator! is why the image looks unclear?

21-May-2013, 21:53
I tried yesterday heating the coating solution by putting the beaker in hot water pool, it did make change! nice contrast in the details, and clearer! Thank you all