View Full Version : Camera/developement/printing log sheet.

17-May-2013, 13:12
A few weeks ago I found a really comprehensive log sheet for this. I thought that I had saved it but alas, I cannot find the saved file or where I found it in the first place. I really need to start taking better notes and this would really help.



David Swinnard
17-May-2013, 19:41
Hi Paul

There are lots of such record sheets out there. To that, let me add this one - no printing record though, just my field notes. Printed double-sided, two on an 8.5 x 11" page (landscape) on rite-in-the-rain paper with a few staples and folded, it tucks into my bag with minimal intrusion. Based on what I wanted to capture.

Dave 95289

Bill Burk
17-May-2013, 21:32
Here's the lab notes forms that I designed for myself a couple years ago. I've shared the prints sheet before but since I just uploaded the negs sheet today this might be new to everyone.

labnotesnegs.pdf (http://www.beefalobill.com/images/labnotesnegs.pdf)

labnotesprint.pdf (http://www.beefalobill.com/images/labnotesprint.pdf)