View Full Version : Wide angle bellows for TFC 45 - IIB?

mircea nicolae
17-May-2013, 04:52

I am looking for a wide angle bellows for my TFC45 - IIB Shen Hao.

I used to have a HZX45, which I used for two years with good results, then switched to TFC, which is the lighter model.
I compared the bellows on these models, and they are different in the dimensions for the back.

On TFC45 the back is a lot bigger than the one on HZX45.

The dimensions of the metal parts on TFC45 are:
- front - 98 x 98 mm
- back - 173 x 173 mm

I did a search on Ebay and on other sites but nothing came up.

Did anybody here encounter the same problem?
If so, does any of you know where to get the proper bellows?

Thanks a lot,


Dave Gesell
17-May-2013, 12:37
Badger has the wide angle bellows listed:


It looks like you just need to select your camera model when you order, but maybe contact them to be sure.