View Full Version : Need G-Claron 240mm Aperture Scale

14-May-2013, 18:37
I have a Schneider-Kreuznach G-Claron 240mm (serial #12 173 513) in a Prontor-Press Shutter.

It's missing an aperture scale. Can anyone help me acquire an aperture scale? I noticed someone scanned a scale on of the g-claron 270mm a few months back. Are they the same?

Jim Jones
15-May-2013, 07:27
For inelegant but functional use, a scale can be improvised. I usually inscribe it on white tape with a fine tip pen. The apparent diameter of each f/stop as seen from the front of the lens can be calculated by dividing the f/number into 240 for your lens. The aperture can be set to these diameters and the f/number inscribed on the tape. The scale from a 270mm lens will be incorrect by about a quarter of a stop.