View Full Version : Rollei ATO help

dave clayton
14-May-2013, 05:45
Hello All just picked up a box of Rollei ATO film reading the blurb its saying about the use of distilled water, How essential is this to the process and does anybody have any real world experience with this.
Also ive got the Rollei RLC dev and am looking for some low dilution rates such as 1.50 or 1.100 does anybody have any times to start with
Looking forward to trying this out and getting some rich tonal range

14-May-2013, 05:53
I use distilled water for everything I can.
you'd be looking at some loooooong development times with those dilutions

dave clayton
14-May-2013, 05:57
Ok will try and get some Distilled water for this. I like long times over the short dev times so will play with some tests and use a safelight to inspect as i go.

14-May-2013, 06:03
Distiller water not necessary at all. Tap water is fine. Well water...depends on the quality.

dave clayton
17-May-2013, 07:50
hello all ive just shot 3 images all super underexposed. so what is the ISO that this film works at ive metered the images on 25iSO and they where monster underexposed what is the correct ISO ive seen 6 and 10 thrown around so will try working from them does anybody have any advice on the correct ISO to meter from