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Gary Ritson
12-May-2013, 23:06
Dear all
I have acquired quite a lot of Provia, Velvia and Neopan Acros quickloads, all unopened boxes just out of date. I don't know the exact conditions in which they have been stored, I am guessing kept in a cool dark environment. I am just wondering as I have nowhere at home under 15 deg centigrade how is it best I store all these boxes of unopened film?
I have some space in a fridge and some space in a freezer, which is best?
Does any one have any good advice as to where it is best I store this film until I can use it without it getting spoiled because incorrect storage?

13-May-2013, 01:56
The freezer is best for long term storage. Make sure you take it out well in advance before using it, so it can get all the way up to temperature, to avoid condensation. I store each box individually in a plastic bag and take it out the night before I need it.

Gary Ritson
13-May-2013, 02:03
Hello there.
Thanks for your reply.
I guess my main question is, is Can I put it in the freezer even if I don't know what the previous conditions of storage were? All boxes are completely sealed and have never been opened.

13-May-2013, 02:16
Yes, previous conditions don't matter if it is an unopened box. I wouldn't refreeze and thaw out opened boxes often, because of the moisture build up which might ruin your film. But unopened boxes are always best kept in the freezer. All the freezer does is slow the ageing process of the film.

Gary Ritson
13-May-2013, 03:14
Brilliant thanks for your reply.