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Carlos A. Schwartz
14-Jun-2004, 06:41
I am beginning to use 8x10" 809 Polaroid film with an 8x10" camera. The result until now is disappointing: greenish, muddy colours, and not definite images. I bought the film recently and the expiry date is June 2004. Maybe it was not in good condition, or I have to use some filtering. Can anyone help me? Can I show the pictures in this forum? Is there any place in the web where I can find people (and images) with the same problems? Thanks for the help. Carlos A. Schwartz

Ralph Barker
14-Jun-2004, 08:36
I haven't used any type 809 film recently, Carlos, but as I recall the color tends to be less accurate and less vibrant than say the color with Polacolor Pro 100 that is available in smaller sizes. The images should be reasonably sharp, however. Someone with more recent experience with type 809 may be able to provide more insight.

This forum does not have an image upload feature. Even so, diagnosing color shift problems with scanned images over the Internet is tough, as there are too many variables with scanning and monitor calibration.

14-Jun-2004, 11:13

Have you reviewed the "light sources and filters" table on page 3 of the film data sheet?


"The film is balanced for average daylight (5500K) at 1/125 of a second (as well as for electronic flash units). Recommended filtration at other exposure times and with other illuminants is indicated on information packaged with the film."


15-Jun-2004, 14:14
This may be stating the obvious, but have you contacted Polaroid?

16-Jun-2004, 12:03
Polaroid 809 color film is disappointing stuff, in my opinion, even when using strong lights...I mainly use it to check exposure, do transfers, and make it part of the Polaroid chocolate process. Actually, I find 8x10 Polaroid in general to be disappointing (even the B&W), with the very notable exception of the Polaroid chocolates (which are fantastic), but of course, that effectively doubles the cost of the (already expensive) Polaroids, since you're using 809 color negative + 804 B&W positive.

I don't know what you mean by "not definite" images...my disappointment is mainly in the area of color and tonality (especially compared to other Polaroid films like 665, 690, Type 55, and Type 59). But the 8x10 Polaroids do produce very sharp and crisp images as long as I'm focusing competently, and give them the proper exposure...you should rate the films at ISO 50 or 64 rather than the nominal 100. I even got an amazingly crisp and contrasty Polaroid from an 8x10 pinhole camera the other day employing a 20 minute exposure at f250.