View Full Version : Hugo Meyer 360mm f4.5 info

12-May-2013, 15:26

I just got my hands on this lens: Hugo Meyer Gorlitz Aristostigmat lk Heliar 14 1/4 inch f4.5 Brass.

Can somebody give me some more information about it? It seems hard to find on the net

Kind regards

Mark Sawyer
12-May-2013, 16:27
I suspect it's a double-gauss, and would be a very nice sharp portrait lens. It has no particular relation with the Heliar, though.

Peter Yeti
12-May-2013, 16:58
You are right about that. It is a double-gauss corrected for astigmatism as well, patented in 1900. This was one of the most successful Meyer lenses and was produced for several decades. The f4.5 version has a nominal image angle of 75 while the f6.3 series has 90. There is also a wide angle Aristostigmat with f9 and 100 image angle. All angles are according to the Meyer specs. They made a zoo of other versions as well with apertures like 4.8, 6.8, 7, 7.7 and so on. These lenses seem to have been the competitors of Zeiss Planar and Goerz Dagor at the time. This should be a very fine and sharp lens.

Louis Pacilla
12-May-2013, 18:34
This may help you a little.

12-May-2013, 19:00
Hehe.. gave up and bought it for chip from auction site, eh? :) It used to pop up on every damn search for heliars :)

12-May-2013, 23:52
Looks indeed like I didn't buy the wrong thing. Don't know if I payed to much (350$) but at least it will work on my 8x10, is lightsensitive and uncoated. So perfect as a first lens for collodion.

Thanks a lot for this information!