View Full Version : 6" Gold Rim Dagor Filter Options

Michael Kadillak
13-Jun-2004, 12:05
Finally got my 6" Gold Rim Dagor on a lensboard for my 5x7 camera and wanted to see what others have done concerning the best options for utilizing B&W contrast filtration with this lens. Up to this point, I have standardized my shooting with B+W screw in filters. The lens elements are quite small (hence its light weight and size appeal) so expecting that there are no screw ins available in this size, how do you tackle this task?

Thanks in advance!

Bob Fowler
13-Jun-2004, 14:17
What size is the front group? Does it have facility for screw in filters or do you need a slip on adapter? With large format, I use series size filters exclusively.

Michael Kadillak
13-Jun-2004, 15:11
The lens has about four threads on the inside of the front element with an approximate diameter of 1 1/8". A slip on adapter would be tough because of the fact that it bearly has any shoulder.


13-Jun-2004, 15:18
Michael, mine uses a 1 1/4" slip-on adapter for Series 6 filters. Fitting filters on my old lenses is a nightmare! Apparently they no longer make filters in Series sizes. Series 6 seems to be the most popular size, and B&H doesn't even list an adapter from 6 to various metric screw-in sizes.

Hans Berkhout
13-Jun-2004, 18:37
I once sent the front element of a 8 1/4" g.rim Dagor to Tiffen, they custommade a step up adapter for me. (No standard filters or step up adapters existed). So my Dagors at that time were standardized for 55mm filters.

13-Jun-2004, 19:03
My 8.25 Dagor also uses series 6 filters, via a 1 21/32 Kodak slide-on adapter. Now, if I only had a set of series 6 filters instead of the delaminated Kodaks I bought 50 years ago....