View Full Version : Arista Ortho Litho Film 2.0 .... Help

11-May-2013, 14:23
I have been shooting paper negatives with Arista paper developed in their on "paper developer". While at Freestyle today, I found and bought a pack of 25 sheets of 5x7 film. This will be my first LF film.
- I understand that just like the 5x7 paper, I will have to trim the film to fit into a 5x7 Holder. No problem.
- I will be able trim, load and develop while my darkroom safelight is on.
- The sales'person said to try ISO of 3 and use the same developer (Arista Paper Developer), but dilute it at least 1:18 or more.
- I have never developed film in a tray. First time for everything.
- How do I dry the negative? I have an Excalibur Food Dehydrator. It is a PERFECT paper dryer. Do I lay the negative on a tray emulsion side up?

Any thoughts,

ps I live close enough to Freestyle to ride my bike.

Michael Cienfuegos
12-May-2013, 07:41
If I lived that close to Freestyle I would be broke. :(

Jon Shiu
12-May-2013, 13:17
Hang up the neg to dry by corner with binder clip or clothespin.


12-May-2013, 20:09
Thanks Jon , I should of thought of that. My moto is keep it simple and that's keeping it simple.

Michael, I always spend more $ than I plan to at Freestyle.