View Full Version : Wood camera parts.

11-May-2013, 08:59
Can someone point me to a source for wooden camera parts. Things like the sliding brackets that hold in a lens board,, metal corner braces, knobs etc. thanks

John Koehrer
12-May-2013, 11:41
Calumet? As repair parts for Cambo cameras. Sk Grimes? The new Deardorff($$$) site? Shen Hao?

If you're building from scratch, four small levers can also work. They would pivot from the frame over the
face of the lens board.
Brass from the local hobby emporium will have brass in a number of profiles. 90 degree would give a small tab to make rotating them easier. Just file off the area you don't need for the tab.

Ron Stowell
12-May-2013, 12:39
Knobs : Reid Supply
Flat Stock: for lens board retainers Reid Supply

I did two 5X7's and and 8X10 last year, took all summer, and I'm retired. So have fun

13-May-2013, 03:55
Hi Ron and John, Thanks for the help. Looks like I need to stop thinking of it as a camera project and start thinking of as a woodworking project! Thanks to you two McGiver's for the inspiration. kevin