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gerry schnaible
11-May-2013, 07:16
I ran across this this morning and thought I would pass it along:

Black & White FILM > Ilford Black & White Film > Unusual & ULTRA-Large Format Sheet film > ILFORD Delta 100

Delta 100 13x18cm Sheet film, 25
Delta 100 13x18cm Sheet film, 25

25 Sheets

Delta 100 uses advanced film emulsion technology developed by Ilford in the UK. Offering the photographer extremely fine grain and sharpness, but at the expense of exposure flexibility. Ideal for those looking for minimum grain without the need to shoot slower speed emulsions.

2013 Unusual and ULF production run: Order by Friday 28 June 2013!! Place an order today and pay only 10%, balance payable on dispatch of your order! Select "Sage Pay" in checkout (not paypal) and we will only bill your card for 10% of the order value.

Our Price: 82.65