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10-May-2013, 14:44
I just recently picked up ths lens from a dumpster at a forclosed home and is has a good amount of dirt on the inside. I have not really used these lenses before and dont know to much about them but i was wondering how much the lens might go for. i have looked all over the web and have really only seen a couple on ebay but known were the same. I want to know if it is worth getting it cleaned (there is dirt on the inside).

I know that the lens is worth a good amount, people have pointed that out all over the web, but how much would you say that is?

I have used the lens on my dslr and i dont see much dirt showing through as most of it is near the front element, but is it still worth getting cleaned? or should i just deal with it? or should i try to sell it?

Again, the lens is a Steinheil Auto-Quinar f2.8 135mm.

Thanks guys

10-May-2013, 14:48
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13-May-2013, 09:12
does no one have information on this lens?

E. von Hoegh
13-May-2013, 09:25
does no one have information on this lens?

What mount is it in? That is, what camera does it fit? How much you can sell it for depends on which mount it fits, this lens was made in at least two - m42 and Exakta - mounts.
I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but -

- This lens fits 35mm cameras. This is a large-format camera forum.
- I'm afraid this lens isn't worth all that much.

13-May-2013, 09:26
Nothing large format, hence off topic. That is a fifties to sixties Exakta (35mm SLR) tele from a venerable West German maker. Not bad, but, unless collectors grade, no treasure either. Going rate in the past year has been anywhere between 30 and about 300 €. If it is dirty (or has lost its collectability by being cleaned), its value will be around the former - if it should happen to be mint in original box needing no cleaning, the latter. 30% off if it is Praktica (M42) mount (but then it would be a Quinar, no Auto-Quinar)...

Louis Pacilla
13-May-2013, 09:27
does no one have information on this lens?

Nope. Wrong forum for this type of lens. Maybe you should to check Range finder forum or APUG. I think this lens is is a small format lens. I could be wrong.

BTW-If you already Know this lens is worth "a good amount" Then put it on eBay with a 7 day auction no reserve and do not take offers. This will tell you the lens REAL value.

13-May-2013, 09:52
Yeah, sorry about the forum wrong.
thanks though guys