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Scott Rosenberg
11-Jun-2004, 13:50
hey y'all...

i recently received the following email, and have no idea what the going rate is, as i've never done any ad work... some inputs as how much to charge would be extremely helpful.

the enquiry i received read as follows:

I came across your work at www.srosenberg.com. Very nice. We might have an advertiser who could use one of your photos in an ad. What would you charge for this type of permission? We're a small weekly with 40,000 copies going out to the metro Pittsburgh area.

is there anything else i need to know?

what about copyrights and use permissions?

what sort of agreements should i get from these guys about using my images?

thanks! scott

11-Jun-2004, 14:04

This site should give you some ideas.

good luck and don't get ripped off like i did.. always have some contract on paper..

QT Luong
11-Jun-2004, 14:35
EP has useful information about image licensing that you should read, but like its name implies it is mostly about editorial work. Rates for advertising are higher.
You will license one-time rights and charge
depending on reproduction size (full page, 1/2 page, ...), placement (insider or cover).
On my stock photo page (http://www.terragalleria.com/stock-photography.html), you'll find links to some price tables. Better, create an account on one of
the major stock photo sites (corbis, getty) and see how much they would charge.

12-Jun-2004, 08:54
as a friend who is a lawyer once told me - "get you money up front". :)

if you can't get all of it up front, make sure they sign a terms and conditons statement (part of your contract) which has specifics on payment all spelled out - like charging interest if payments are not made within a specific timeframe.

*sometimes* there are folks that want it all, and then refuse to pay you for it, even though you have signed contracts &C.

good luck! -john

tim atherton
12-Jun-2004, 09:07
In addition, make sure you register the images witht he copyight office (lots of info on the EP site) - it's like cheap insurance