View Full Version : Provia 100F : Long exposure compensation

11-Jun-2004, 01:21
Base on Provia 100F (RDP III) data sheet for long exposure more than 4 minutes, it needs a color correction filter of 2.5G with an exposure correction of +1/3 stop.

Does anyone know which Lee filter equivalent should I base on? CC025G or CC25G?

Thank you.

Roger Scott
11-Jun-2004, 02:02
Hi kw,

A 2.5G Lee filter is a CC025G - the CC25G is 25G which is nearly one stop of green. I'd be tempted to try a sheet without a filter first as it's a pretty small filter correction. I haven't pushed Provia to those limits but depending on the subject the magenta tint may not be noticeable. You'll still need to apply the +1/3 exposure compensation. The CC025G filter by itself doesn't need any compensation as it's very nearly clear.

11-Jun-2004, 05:11
Thanks very much for your advice.