View Full Version : Does anyone recognize this tripod head?

Jonathan Barlow
6-May-2013, 11:27
It's heavy and extremely well made, has silky smooth movements, and a quick release (I don't have the plate). I'm thinking Linhof, but it's unmarked.


Jonathan Barlow
6-May-2013, 11:38

Teodor Oprean
6-May-2013, 11:42
It certainly resembles the Linhof styling.

Teodor Oprean
6-May-2013, 11:49
My guess is that this is an early tripod connector to match modern Kardan monorail cameras.

Jonathan Barlow
6-May-2013, 12:33
The dovetail mount is 130mm long x 70mm wide and the overall height of the head is 68mm. The diameter of the round base is 90mm. It weighs 36 oz. or about 1 Kilogram.

6-May-2013, 12:34
Looks like the bottom rail clamp of a Linhof Kardan (GT?).

Jonathan Barlow
6-May-2013, 12:53
Playing around with Google Image Search, I did manage to find pictures of a Linhof head with an almost identical base. In the second image I see that the Linhof label is a more easily removable sticker, which might explain why this head has no label.

94645 94647

6-May-2013, 13:05
I knew it looked familiar, it IS the railclamp of a Kardan Master TL (should have known all along, because I got one ... will double check later tonight).

Jonathan Barlow
6-May-2013, 18:07
You were right; it's a rail clamp from a Linhof Kardan Master TL. I found an image of the camera that clearly shows that it's the same part:

94667 94668

Jonathan Barlow
6-May-2013, 18:08
Thanks for the help!

Otto Seaman
6-May-2013, 18:54
It gives you a little yaw movement for leveling the camera ~ you don't need more because of the rotating back on the camera itself.