View Full Version : question about wista lensboards

6-May-2013, 09:14
Hi guys I just acquired a wista 4x5 D which I haven't received yet, and wanted to buy a lensboard, does wista use common lensboards between all their field cameras or are there different sizes? and has anyone come across a cheap source, ebay or otherwise, thanks.

6-May-2013, 10:14
It's a Linhof Technika lensboard (Technika 4 and onwards). Wista, Linhof and many Chinese knockoffs are around.

6-May-2013, 10:58
I can't say which the D uses but there are Centre and Offset Boards (The offset has it's hole lower in the board).

6-May-2013, 11:32
I have two Wista logo offset-low Copal #1 boards available if you want them.

$25 each includes postage.

- Leigh

6-May-2013, 12:29
HI Leigh, thanks, but need copal 0 board at the moment