View Full Version : Kardan Bi question

Jim Andrada
6-May-2013, 08:54
I have two Kardan Bi's - 5 x 7 and 8 x 10.

I notice that on the 8 x 10 the locking "knobs" and levers (base and center), particularly on the back don't seem to lock up very tightly compared to the ones on the 5 x 7. I know there is a lot more leverage with the 8 x 10 back, and they hold well enough to use the camera, but it doesn't take much of a push or bump to move the back out of position - I have to be careful inserting the holders.

Is this normal (I think not) and is this something that is user adjustable (I'm guessing not, but it would be nice not to have to ship the camera off for repair)

And if it needs repair attention where should I sent it?

That said I love the cameras. I bought the 5 x 7 new in around 1970 and added the 8 x 10 last year. Bit of a chore strolling about with the 8 x 10 but the results are worth it. 5 x 7 is more easily portable than one might think.

Teodor Oprean
6-May-2013, 11:43
It's probably just a matter of moving the rear standard out of its default position and looking for small screws to tighten.