View Full Version : RDA in Betax

David Kashuba
10-Jun-2004, 14:46
Can anyone relate their experiences mounting/using a 24" RDA in a Betax? How well do these shutters hold up?

-David Kashuba.

Bob Fowler
10-Jun-2004, 15:42
The large Betax shutter are pretty simple and hold up pretty well. Just keep it clean and have a CLA done every couple of years and you should be fine - IF the shutter hasn't been abused in its previous life...

Brian Ellis
10-Jun-2004, 17:10
What's an RDA?

Brian Ellis
10-Jun-2004, 17:14
Ah, I got it. RDA means Red Dot Artar. Abbreviations can be real time savers but when a term is used only once, and when the abbreviation is relatively obscure like this one, they sometimes hinder communication rather than help. IYKWIM.