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5-May-2013, 15:30
A couple months ago while out photographing on a windy day, I foolishly turned my back on my 8x10 camera while it was set up the tripod. Of course, the minute I turned away I heard the sickening sound and saw that my beautiful Shen Hao FCL810-A had come a crashin down. Naturally it went down nose first and it was the raised front standard with my big 2 pound 360/5.6 mounted that took the brunt of the impact. The original wood crosspiece that attached the front standard to the flatbed, cracked all the way through at the screw holes.

Since it was a clean break, I was able to successfully repair the wood piece using Gorilla wood glue, (a better choice than epoxy in this instance) but I always had this nagging thought that the mechanical integrity of my camera was now permanently diminished and it would only be a matter of time before it broke again and likely wouldn't be so easy to repair.

Enter Krzysztof Hejnar of Hejnar Photo. You may have seen some of his excellent Arca style QR clamps, macro rails and other support gear that he sells on Ebay and which he manufactures himself. I've used his QR Clamps on my ballheads and they are almost indistinguishable in fit, finish and quality from Really Right Stuff clamps of similar make (only at about 60% the price) I'd post a link, but I don't want to get in trouble with the mods for doing so. Easy enough to Google Hejnar Photo.

So all that to get to this - I sent "Chris" an email and he responded quickly with a very reasonable estimate (<$250) to design and fabricate a replacement part out of aluminum, anodize it in black and then engrave the shift scale, just like the original wood piece. I sent him the whole front standard from my camera along with the original wood piece and he sent me back this beautifully finished and greatly improved component, nicely fitted and installed in my front standard!

I'm doing this post for two reasons:

No.1 - I know there are a fair number of you out there who own Shen Hao "FCL" model cameras, whether an 8x10 or 5x7 (I think these are the only models that have this wood piece) and I thought you might be interested in learning about this 'upgrade' that is now available for your camera.

And, No.2 - I want to give my endorsement for Chris Hejnar and his really great, professional products and service. Even if you don't have a custom job like this for him, his existing Arca Swiss clamps and other stuff is well worth a look.

Here are a few photos of my "New and Improved" Shen Hao FCL810-A with the new Hejnar front standard support.


5-May-2013, 16:14
Nice work. Why didn't you just have shen hao send you a replacement wood piece? or aluminum?

Bob Mann
5-May-2013, 18:03
How is the FCL810A with the new part? Is the metal to wood contact locking was well as the wood to wood of the original? Any other comments on the FCL810A build quality you would like to share as you have used it for a while?

6-May-2013, 03:23
Did the lens survive the dive ?



6-May-2013, 07:02
vinny - I thought about contacting Shen Hao for a replacement wood piece, but ultimately decided to go this route, using an aluminum part for higher strength and durability - and good looks too!

Bob - The original wood piece has some little strips of high density foam on the bottom, used as 'feet' and which helped with friction in that area. I haven't yet been out with my camera since this new part was installed, but on first look I don't think I'll have any issues there. If I end up have difficulty keeping the front std centered with the screw locked down, I was thinking about using some fine velvet on the bottom of the new aluminum part to add a little friction.

Cor - Yes! The lens was okay thank goodness. Luckily this fall took place in a grassy area and the lens came out unscathed! I did have a Lee ring and holder attached to the front of the lens, thus adding another layer of protection.