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pierre salomon
9-Jun-2004, 22:43
Hi all I have been using my 360 Apo ronar for a while and satisfied with the results but that 14 " is not only heavy but requires a lot of bellows extension. I am considering something lighter and little shorter like a 12 " red dot artar. May someone please tell me if the artar would give me the same image quality as the ronar. I shoot close up. As usual your replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Pierre

CP Goerz
10-Jun-2004, 01:20
The Red Dot will look nearly identical to the Ronar, The Artar is a bit more compact and came in either brass(earlier models) or aluminum(late) barrels. The later aluminum ones tend to be about 15-20% more in price due to their later vintage.

CP Goerz

Bob Fowler
10-Jun-2004, 05:28
It's a toss up as to which lens is "better". The optical performance of my 14" R.D. Artar is simply outstanding. The Ronar also has a fine reputation.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
10-Jun-2004, 05:56
I have a 240mm APO Ronar coming in the mail. After I have taken a few pictures I will post my thoughts.

John Kasaian
10-Jun-2004, 07:20

I don't have a Ronar to compare, but I sure like my Artars. I had an aluminium barrel 19" RD and it 's lightness was just amazing when compared to it's brass brothers. Since the Artar and Ronar are similar in wieght/bulk, maybe a something like a 305mm G-Claron (APO)or Nikkor 300M (not APO, but MC) would offer some advantage if you're considering those criteria. Both these lenses are brutally sharp, enjoy modern shutters, and used examples can be found in the same price ranges as the Classics. Cheers!