View Full Version : Which 8x10 Large Format Camera is This?

3-May-2013, 12:16

I have bought a (I believe a 8x10) wooden field camera back in 2006 in Pakistan (along a smaller 4x5 inch one). I have not touched the 8x10 one since then. While the 4x5 is a wreck the 8x10 seems hardly used - if at all.

For now I am really interested in finding out the model.

The pictures can be found here:

It has following characteristics:
- weight: 5300 g (11,68 lbs)
- dimensions folded (width x height x depth): 35 cm x 8 cm x 35 cm (13,78 x 3,14 x 13,78 inch)
- ground glass dimensions: 25,5 x 30,5 cm (9,25 x 12 inch)
- no international back - uses wooden darkslides, can be attached both in portrait and landscape format
- no standard tripod mount - instead a weird metal ring which can be rotated and seems to have holes for direct attachments for tripod legs
- can be extended to about 600 mm (23,6 inch) front and back - bellows seems to stretch comfortable only until 600 mm (23,6 inch)
- back standard can be moved towards the front standard to ~ 165 mm (6,49 inch)
- back movements: front tilt only
- front movements: rise (8,5 cm - 3,35 inch), front + back tilt - no swing, no shift
- no brand / model name anywhere

I am not sure if the Pakistani photographer told me that he once got the camera from a British photographer.

The dark slide in the pictures is the one of the 4x5 camera - currently the 8x10 is still in another place in Germany.

I really hope that someone can help me.


John Kasaian
3-May-2013, 18:17
it looks Japanese to me, but I'm probably wrong

Steven Tribe
4-May-2013, 02:30
Jens, I suggest you look through the threads on Indian camera makers (there is a long tradition). There are names and detailed images.They typically use local hardwoods and the direction of the wood grain is often not as regular as mahogany - more like European walnut reisekameras. And the brass work is very decorated - think Taj Mahal!
These are very similar in appearance to the early Japanese field camera (and UK makers).
Remember that up to 1946, India included both Pakistan and Bangla Desh. There is a UK ebay seller that sometimes has these for sale, who will have quite good images and desciptions.

4-May-2013, 04:07

I think I found out that this is a 10x12 inch (not 8x10) camera by Vageeswari Camera Works, similar to this one (apart some the look of some knobs and a missing carrying strap):

Indeed there are some posts in this forum for those cameras.
I have the darkslides still in Germany and am font starting to shoot with it. I guess in Germany I have at least some options to still get 10x12 inch / 24x30cm sheet film from Fomapan and wephota.


Steven Tribe
4-May-2013, 12:02
Fitting 24x30cm film into these holders may be difficult.
These plate holders may contain newer sheet film sheaths for 10x12" film or for 24x30cm. Or may not!
The plate holders are probably not "book" type where odd sizes can be loaded from the back, where a metal plate supported by a spring can hold then firm.
Getting these film sheaths can prove to be difficult. Although simple in construction, they have to made very precisely.