View Full Version : Suggestions for 400mm-500mm lens for copal 3 shutter

Dave Tolcher
3-May-2013, 02:28
I am looking for a cheapish barrel lens that will fit into a copal 3 shutter without modification. Needs to be useable on 10x8. I currently have a 480mm Nikkor with a front fitted Luc shutter but it is a beast. I have a spare copal 3 shutter hence the reason for considering lower cost barrel lenses.

I am struggling a bit to understand whether lenses (like the claron or ronars in this range) that are available in shutters as well as barrels will directly fit and how I tell from an advert whether it will or not. Grimes list doesn't seem to be very long in this range and doesn't say whether direct or adapted.

Suggestions would be very helpful.

Many thanks


3-May-2013, 02:44
480mm Apo-Ronars can be found in Copal 3 shutters, so that would be one option. I don't think that every version can be screwed right in, but i'm sure someone here can tell you exactly which version to look for.

4-May-2013, 00:46
I got a Schneider Apo-Artar in the for sale secrion.
Would consider to sell the lenses only.