View Full Version : schneider angulan 90mm lens

2-May-2013, 17:02
Where can i buy this used lens?

Roger Thoms
2-May-2013, 18:13
I just bought one off ebay. Seems to be in hot demand so I was happy to get it for $150 plus shipping. Of course it needs a shutter overhaul, but the glass is nice so not to bad. You could post a WTB here in the classified.


Ian Greenhalgh
2-May-2013, 18:15
They are very common on ebay, as are the Super-Angulon 90 too. Prices are pretty good but vary much depending on shutter and condition.

Barry Trabitz
2-May-2013, 21:36
I am in Connecticut , if interested A uspo money order, personal check will do . I do not use PayPal.
Barry Trabitz