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30-Apr-2013, 16:50
Hello! I am a photographer (my website here: www.andreifarcasanu.com) trying to get into LF photography. I like working with different cameras, and for every type of image I use different camera. So, I would like to make a large format camera. I know that I can buy cheap cameras but I want to make one of my own. For this, I have a big format camera lense, a bellows with rail from an enlarger that I can use(also lenses from enlargers), and I want to make the rest. I would like a camera with large plain film or paper. Can you recommend an easy DIY project? I am a beginner so don't mind my silly question. Thank you very much!

30-Apr-2013, 18:16
Try these

Peter De Smidt
30-Apr-2013, 18:25
A number of people on this site have built their own cameras. Search for their threads for ideas, and you can always private message the builders if needed. Making a decent LF camera is not easy, and with careful looking decent ones can be had for $100 or more.

Jim Jones
30-Apr-2013, 18:52
More information on making cameras: http://http://home.online.no/~gjon/jgcam.htm (http://home.online.no/~gjon/jgcam.htm).

17-Oct-2015, 23:37
More information on making cameras: http://http://home.online.no/~gjon/jgcam.htm (http://home.online.no/~gjon/jgcam.htm).

New URL: http://jongrepstad.com/building-a-large-format-camera/

Jon Grepstad

18-Oct-2015, 03:07
If you have limited free time (or want to get things done a little quicker), I'd consider purchasing a back e.g for 5x4 something like this - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x5-graphloc-sheet-film-back-/201446689264?hash=item2ee72889f0:g:XRcAAOSwT5tWGf2B or for 10x8 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8x10-Wooden-Film-Back-for-8x10-camera-square-frame-for-large-format-camera-/151848077327?hash=item235ad9c80f:g:GkAAAOSwI-BWHY4c - I'm keeping an eye out for something a little larger. . .