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Calamity Jane
8-Jun-2004, 08:57
Since I haven't been in 4x5 very long, I don't have a stock of empty film boxes and light-tight envelopes so I am wondering . . . .

. . . What do folks use to ship their exposed but un-processed film to the lab?

Does somebody make shipping envelopes for film?

Thanks crew!


James E Galvin
8-Jun-2004, 09:27
You might buy a couple 10 sheet boxes of your favorite film, put all in one box (a 10 sheet box easily holds 20), now you have a shipping box. Mark it "OPEN ONLY IN DARK" and tape it shut. Re using the paper packet and cardboards might be good, but I haven't. For shipping, I would put the film box in a bigger box, with some packing. The lab will probably return your box with the negs inside even without asking, ask anyway for the box return.

8-Jun-2004, 09:29
The original tri-lid film box is your best bet for shipping sheet film for processing. It keeps the film identified, protected and flat, which an envelope will not do. Tape the box shut (don't rely on just a rubber band) and write in big letters "RETURN BOX WITH PROCESSED FILM". As for your unused film you have just orphaned, keep it in its light proof envelope and store it in a changing bag, metal cookie tin, etc. and keep this inside a sealed cardboard box in a dark place until you get your film box back. You may also check with a local film processor/photofinisher to see if they have some discarded boxes you can have. Mention you shoot 4x5 film - it is instant respect from a lot of places. Cheers,

tim atherton
8-Jun-2004, 12:36
Once you have got your one box to send off to the lab from decanted the fresh film, also ask the lab if they have a couple of spare empty boxes or so when they send your film back - that'll give you a couple of spares to play with.

And you are in Canada aren't you?

I usually send my film (it all has to get sent out) either Xpresspost or Priority (if I'm in a hurry) otherwise it takes forever and a day. I get a padded envelope that's just beig enough to go inside the Xpresspost envelope with the film box inside. Never had a problem that way.

Calamity Jane
9-Jun-2004, 06:29
Yes Tim, I am right smack-dab in the middle of Canada, about an hour east of Winnipeg.

A kind gentleman in California has offered to send me a couple of empty film boxes so that should aleviate the problem until I have made some empties of my own.

After seeing the wonderful transparencies from my home-made 4x5 with the E-bay lens, I don't think it will take long to go through that $132 box of E100G !!!