View Full Version : Fuji 90mm F8 filter size

8-Jun-2004, 07:24
Does anyone know what size filter fits the Fuji 90mm F8 SW? I think its 67 but I'm not sure.

Michael S. Briggs
8-Jun-2004, 08:55
A brochure I have confirms 67 mm. If you put a ruler across the diameter, it should read slightly less than this because of the depth of the threads.

Gem Singer
8-Jun-2004, 09:38
Hi Sam,

Everything you want to know about every Fujinon lens manufactured, past and present, (except for the weight) can be found at the following website: http://members.aol.com/subgallery/index.htm There is a direct link to this information right here on our own large format photography home page. Scroll down.

I use 67mm filters on my Fuji 90 f8 SW, and they work very well.