View Full Version : Kodak Turns Over Film Division to Its UK Pension Plan

29-Apr-2013, 18:49
Are these films going to stay in production or what does this mean? Should I start stocking up on Kodak Portra films and tri-x?


Kevin Crisp
29-Apr-2013, 18:59
It seems unlikely that all the billions in claims would be given up and $650M paid if the plan was to shut it all down.

29-Apr-2013, 19:13
Like my Durst ACS printers, Film will not die. My Blacksmith says so and he should know.

29-Apr-2013, 19:14
Film won't die but will the quality be the same? I'm just thinking of how polaroid went out and impossible is trying to take its place. Think that could happen in this situation?

29-Apr-2013, 19:57
In 1995 the company that I worked for pulled the the plug due to rumors of digital mayhem and personal strife between the owners. I promptly bought all that I could at fire sale prices. Until about 8 months ago I have been on the analog path with digital sidepaths all along . Film has it's place and so does digital -- 2 tools for different outcomes. Film is always changing as is the game -- I just go with the flow. An example -- K-A-T... 15 years ago my favorite combination was Konica Professional film, Agfa paper and Trebla chemistry. This RA-4 combo gave me stunning fleshtones and colors . All these products are "no more". I just kept looking and 'sperimentin'. Next came Fuji NPS160 and Kodak Edge paper. OK, but of course not the same animal. Never the same as we all know. This game we play called photography is always in a never ending changing state of flux as are the goalposts that we must try to hit . I have come to terms with that ...

Sal Santamaura
29-Apr-2013, 21:32

Roger Cole
29-Apr-2013, 23:12
There's a pretty long thread on APUG about it. Bottom line is that Kodak in Rochester will still make film which will be distributed by the pension group in the UK. This could be very good, or not.