View Full Version : desensitizing TMY with safranin-o?

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
7-Jun-2004, 05:56
Has anyone on this forum ever desensitized T-max 400 film with safranin-o? Or any other film for that matter? I am looking for information on how much to dilute and how long to soak before development. Also, I am worried about the permanence of the stain safranin probably induces.

I know I could desensitize in pinakryptol yellow, but I am particularly interested in the possibility of using safranin-o. This dye is much cheaper than pinakryptol and readily available since it is widely used as a biological stain.

Maybe someone has a copy of the photo lab index. Supposedly there is information in there on the use of phenosafranine as desentisizer. Safranin-o is more or less the same stuff. Since I can not lay my hands on a copy here in Holland, I would greatly appreciate all relevant information.

Ole Tjugen
7-Jun-2004, 07:56
Off the top of my head (I'm 600km away from my library at the moment), I wonder if safranine-o was used in some of the early sensitizing dyes? Very early orthochromatic film?

I'll look it up when I get home. Thursday.

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
8-Jun-2004, 13:01
Thanks Ole!

Ole Tjugen
11-Jun-2004, 00:33
Sorry - I couldn't find anything. As you say phenosafranine is a desensitizer, although all my (ca. 1910 - 1935) books recommend pinakryptol. I have two books dealing with colour sensitation; one has the possibly relevant pages missing, the other one gives specific instructions on trade names, and which pharmacy to buy which dye from. Translating old German trade names to modern chemical nomenclature is not an easy task, in this case it's beyond me...

Jan Nieuwenhuysen
11-Jun-2004, 01:40
That's o.k. Ole. Thanks again for your efforts. I think I have might have struck gold in the library of Delft University of Technology. I found they have a lot of late 19th and early 20th century books by authors like Eder and Lüppo-Cramer. I applied for a membership pass and got it yesterday. This week-end will be fun!