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7-Jun-2004, 05:49

after I receive your advices about monitors good for image editing, I searched the offer and I found a monitor made by philips wich is the best option for me. It is about philips 109 P 40 briliance monitor (19 inch crt monitor)=(400$). Sony multiscan is very expensive (more than 600$), and Lacie electron blue IV haven`t arive the market from my region, so I am wiling to buy the philips model. For that matter, I want your advices about this model, comparing with sony and lacie. I see that this monitor have a particular feature - "auto calibrate" and I don`t know what this means. Also I wonder if this auto calibrate feature is of a real benefit, or could be an impediment in some situations. I mean when I want to manualy set the color balance for a particular need, would it be possible, or I am limited to the automatic calibration ? I found very few information about this monitor on the internet, and for this reason I ask for your help, if you have any experience or knowledge regarding this monitor Here is the complete info I could find about philips 109 P40: You can find it at: ste/crt.pdf+philips+109+p40+features&hl=en

Target group - Brilliance/ Type no. - 109 P40/ Screen size - 19”/ VIS (Viewable Image Size) - 18.0”/ Recommended screen area - 355x265/ Dot/horizontal pitch (mm) - 0.24/ Display type - AG Real Flat/ ICE technology/Auto Calibrate - •/•/ LightFrame™ - no/ Horizontal freq (kHz) - 30-111/ Vertical freq (Hz) - 50-160/ Video dot rate (mHz) - 261/ Max resolution - 1920x1440/ Recommended max resolution - 1280x1024/ Refresh rate at max res. (Hz) - 74/ Refresh rate at recom.max.res. (Hz) - 104/ Tilt/swivel - •/• •/•/ USB Bay/USB Hub (option) - (USB Hub) / Video connection - D-Sub/BNC/ Built in stereo (option) - no/ Speakers (option) - no/ Emission standard - TCO'99/ Monitor dimension WxHxD (mm) - 456x469x438/ Monitor weight (kg) - 23.5/ Main application - High-end & Business/

As an alternative, I found on the second hand market the lacie electron blue III, but I receive from you advices about lacie IV. What about the diferences between these 2 modells: lacie III and lacie IV ?.

Thank you very much for answers.

Frank Petronio
7-Jun-2004, 07:32
Specifications are usually suspect - I'd go with reputation - the LaCie's have an excellent track record.

Ken Lee
7-Jun-2004, 08:48
Have you seen the monitor ? It's much better, when it comes to this sort of thing, to visit a store which displays several of them side-by-side.

7-Jun-2004, 09:32
CRT monitors fade over time, so I'd check any second hand models with something like the optical puck to make sure you can get it up to spec

Ken Lee
7-Jun-2004, 10:59
You might want to ask these people for their advice, either by email or telephone. They're very nice, very helpful, and they know the subject:

Chromix.com (http://www.chromix.com/" target="_blank)

ColorVision.com (http://www.colorvision.com/index.html" target="_blank)

InkjetArt.com (http://www.inkjetart.com/" target="_blank)

neil poulsen
9-Jun-2004, 04:10
I believe that the LaCie model can be purchased from BH Photovideo.