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26-Apr-2013, 17:42
Hi all
I was given Arca Swiss 8x10 today. It is beautiful camera and everything works. But I was wondering can you help me. I was wondering which model it is and when it was produced?

Thanks all

mike rosenlof
26-Apr-2013, 17:53
I'm not an expert by any means. I think you have a model C. The A had Axial tilts, the B had base tilts, and the C had both.

I can't make a guess on production dates. I'm pretty sure these were discontinued by the mid 90s. If not quite a bit earlier.

"Given"? Cool!

26-Apr-2013, 17:53

26-Apr-2013, 18:20
Thanks this helps a lot. So the camera is at least 20 years old. Thanks again

I did google it and I found nothing that helped me

Thanks again

Dave Tolcher
27-Apr-2013, 03:21
It looks like the same model as mine without base tilts on the carriers. Mine has a small sticker with Oschwald on the front of the rail. This link is in French but there us a catalog link which details the camera.


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