View Full Version : JandC Pro 100

6-Jun-2004, 07:05
Has anybody tried this? Anybody know who makes it?

Thanks Nick

Matt Miller
6-Jun-2004, 08:37
There is a discussion about this film here. (http://www.apug.org/forums/showthread.php?t=7362)

6-Jun-2004, 10:37
So it's Lucky film? I wonder if they'd make some cheap colour film up to. I could live with older tech film. Plus with Kodak buying up a chunk of Lucky it might not be that old tech.

Thanks Nick

Dave Moeller
9-Jun-2004, 19:46
I just posted my first experiences with the 120 version of this film in the thread Matt references above. I won't have time to work with the sheet film until I'm back from Europe at the end of the month.