View Full Version : WAHOO!! First 4x5 E-6

Calamity Jane
5-Jun-2004, 16:40
Well, I got up my nerve to mix up my 2 Agfa AP44s to fill my Combi-Plan, load some E100G, and try some colour transparencies with my home-made 4x5 camera.

Oh my! I can see where this Large Format stuff really gets its appeal - BOOTIFUL !

I think I used to get brighter, more vivid transparencies with Bessler E-6; I find the AP44 doesn't seem to have the same intensity. Maybe I'll try sending a few out to the pro lab and see if their results are different.

But none the less, 4x5 colour transparencies are sure impressive! It's especially nice to have it all "home grown", including the camera :-)

I guess I'm hooked . . .

ronald moravec
5-Jun-2004, 18:48
I did a pro advertising job some years ago and used a three step process (maybe Tetinal) in my jobo. Imade some corrections and sent them to a lab that used Kodak and a Jobo. The colors were much richer.

I also gave some to a pro lab that used dip and dunk and the tranies looked like a truck ran over the, all wrinkled. They told me it was commercially acceptable as the drum scan would even it out. The clips used for dip and dunk are vicious!

I have to agree that 4x5 trans are really impressive and you don`t need a loupe to see them.

Jim Rice
5-Jun-2004, 20:25
Welcome to our madness. I'm a Velvia (50) man, myself.

Jim Rice
5-Jun-2004, 20:38
Exposed at e.i. 40, and just about always through a polarizer.......no need in being moderately garish.

Darin Cozine
5-Jun-2004, 23:56
Great to hear about your success Jane! I too am fairly new to the 4x5 fad. I've used E100VS and provia100. I've sent my slides into a local lab though... its only $2 a sheet for processing there, so very reasonable price. I do develop my own B&W though. What do you use??