View Full Version : Kallitype Printing with Fabriano Artistico paper.

25-Apr-2013, 01:25
I Have just started trying Kallitype printing. My first try using was Arches Platines (AP) went pretty all right.

Anyone tried using Fabriano Artistico paper for kallitype and can share some tips? I have tried Fabriano Artistico(FA) paper (hot press). i found the dried coated sensitizer (before exposure) on the FA paper to be of a deeper yellow than that on the AP paper. When exposed, the unmasked part seems to turn dirty gold color instead of the reddish tone as seen on the AP paper. It seems to require a longer exposure than the AP paper. Must I presoak the paper or do something to it?

25-Apr-2013, 10:03
I've been using FA 130-lb HP Ex White paper for Salt Paper and Vandykes with great success. It doesn't require sizing. However I tried 2 prints on the 90-Lb version and got brush streaks which I'm tentatively attributing to insufficient sizing in the paper. The 130-lb FA and Lanaquerrelle are both excellent.


Erik Larsen
25-Apr-2013, 10:09
In my experience FA needs a pre soak in oxallic acid in order to fully clear the highlights and unexposed areas of the print. I've had good success after the pre soak.

Andrew O'Neill
25-Apr-2013, 11:08
As Erik said, you can try presoaking the paper in a 1% solution of oxallic acid. It also makes the tones much cooler and slightly better dmax. Are you using Tween 20? I print on Rising Stonehenge. It works great and it's cheap.

25-Apr-2013, 20:09
thanks all for advice. I have to go to the shops to see can i find oxallic acid here. I wonder can i use citric acid instead to do the soaking?