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Drew Bedo
24-Apr-2013, 20:05
Hello all,

I have run across a really stout cigar box that is a perfict jumping off place for many DIY projects. "Drew Estate" ships out aromatic and flavored cigars in a mahogany box with walls ~1/4 inch thick with finger-jointed corners. the wood looks great and the best part: The logo and all other info is applied with gumed lables not burned in or pressedm into the wood.

I have carfully removed the stickers and refinished a few boxes to be used as gift boxes, Next I'd like to do a pinhole camera.

The brand is "ACID" (not what you might think) which stands for the initials od a daughter.

Steve Goldstein
25-Apr-2013, 07:00
That's a nice-looking box from their web page. What are the dimensions?

Too bad I don't know any cigar smokers..

John Kasaian
25-Apr-2013, 08:53
More importantly, if you botch up this one, you can easily get another empty Drew Estates cigar box! Just send a full cigar box to me (Kuba-kubas or Extraordinary Larrys, please) and I'll smoke 'em for you, then I'll return the empty box so you can give free rein to your creative muses (I'll even cover the postage both ways!)

Drew Bedo
25-Apr-2013, 17:57
I have gotten them from high-end cigar stores foranything from a few dollars each to nomoney at all.

Size? Many sizes; generally 4x5-ish. They do finish up nicely and they are cheap.

Graham Patterson
26-Apr-2013, 11:50
I used a cigar box for a 5x4 pinhole - http://grahampatterson.home.comcast.net/~grahampatterson/grahamp/pinhole/index.html - it would have been nice to have avoided the logos, but the result is so 'DIY' I don't really care. It works, and weighs next to nothing. It sounds like you project will look a lot better, though.