View Full Version : Something NEW from ebay?

24-Apr-2013, 16:43
I don't know if this is new to ebay, or just something new to me, but when I posted a few items last week, this wasn't there and now it is. Now at the top when you try to post a new item, or re-list, the following window appears and blocks further progress.

You're almost done with your listing. There's just one more thing to do. It looks like you don't have a reimbursement payment method on file with us. Sellers must have a reimbursement payment method on file under our Buyer Protection Policy.

In order to complete your listing, please add your reimbursement payment method now . Once you're done, you'll be able to review and submit your listing.

Note: You can always change your selected reimbursement payment method in My eBay or cancel your reimbursement payment method by contacting us. Learn more about what eBay Buyer Protection means to sellers.

The only difference in my own circumstances is that I did have a package that was slow to arrive about a week ago and the buyer posted a dispute (without communicating with me) which was immediately removed when the package did arrive. This was my first ever dispute. Otherwise, my record for years has been 100% positive and I was notified by ebay that this dispute was resolved in my favor.

Seems like ebay is once again stacking the deck, only now totally in favor of the buyer. As for me if this stays as their policy, I am completely done selling with them. With this new policy, all a buyer has to do is allege anything and get a full refund out of my account without having to prove a damn thing or seemingly without having to first return the item, possibly leaving the seller without his or her hard earned funds as well as possibly never getting the item back. I am completely fed up with their complete emasculation of any seller protection.

If I am reading this new window wrong, please enlighten me, otherwise, it's Good bye ebay!!!!!!