View Full Version : Okay, so who bought the Rochester Camera Co. "King" 11x14 on eBay?

Jonathan Barlow
23-Apr-2013, 16:31
I came so close to bidding on it, but after doing some research I realized how little 11x14 film is available.

Tin Can
23-Apr-2013, 16:36
never let that stop you

Jonathan Barlow
23-Apr-2013, 16:47
Buying a big camera that I couldn't use ultimately seemed pointless.

24-Apr-2013, 00:06
never let that stop you

Absolutely right ... shoot 8x10 using a reducing back, use x-ray film or convert to wet plate ... many ways to play with 11x14 ...

evan clarke
24-Apr-2013, 04:16
I think 11x14 is a stock size for Ilford. I can always buy it from B&H or Adorama. Don't need to do the ulf order.

Kimberly Anderson
24-Apr-2013, 04:18
Funny...and I can't wait to get my hands on my next 11x14 camera. Paper negatives are another option that are wonderful to play with.

24-Apr-2013, 13:30
I was shooting my obscure, wacked size Rochester Universal this week. A wholeplate one!