View Full Version : Turner Reich f6.8 series II vs Dagor , Commercial Ektar

23-Apr-2013, 13:30

i'm looking for a general purpose lens for a 5x7 and i'll like to know, how a Turner Reich f6.8 series II is compare to a Dagor or Commercial Ektar?
How is the contrast, is it prove to flare, good for portrait, etc...


Mark Sawyer
23-Apr-2013, 19:33
The TR is probably uncoated, the Commercial Ektar coated, and the Dagor can be either. I'd say the coated Dagor will have the most contrast/least flare, followed by the Commercial Ektar, then the uncoated Dagor, and the TR will bring up the rear. The Dagor will have the most coverage by far, and I'd guess the TR and CE will be similar there. The TR and Dagor are convertibles, but the CE (Tessar) is not.

For portraits, it's all a matter of taste...