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David Luttmann
4-Jun-2004, 21:23
I'm new to using 4X5 cameras. What I'm wondering is this....I'm used to using Delta 100 and HP5 in MF (6x7) sizes.....with a 4X5 negative from HP5, will any grain be visible on a 16X20 print, or on a 24X30?

4-Jun-2004, 21:39
If you develop HP5+ with a developer such as D76, yes you will see grain. Other developers can "reduce" grain, but make sure it is not at the expense of sharpness. An evaluation of the negative with a 6X loupe will show you what you can expect on the print. Regards,

Philippe Gauthier
4-Jun-2004, 23:09
I develop HP5+ in HC-110, print 16x20 and see no grain. Well, the purists will probably say that there is some, if I examine closely with a loupe... That's nonsense. Coming from the 35 mm world, the amount of grain you'll find on a 4x5 negative blown to 16x20 is just called "no grain at all". I would expect it to be barely noticeable at 24x30 when you examine it closely, and just invisible from a normal viewing distance.

4-Jun-2004, 23:53
I use D76 1+1 and there is very little grain, nice tonality and pretty sharp. i had tried rodinal 1+25, very sharp but noticible grain still nothing compared to 35mm. Ive also tried XTOL but plain old D76 works just fine.

tim atherton
5-Jun-2004, 00:17
it's a while since I did any 4x5 (mainly 8x10 now) but it always looked good. You won't see grain in the same way you are used to with say 35mm.

ANd give HP5 + DD-X a shot - it's a really nice combo

Jay DeFehr
5-Jun-2004, 02:02
No grain from 4x5 HP5+ at 16x20 when developed in D-76, or Xtol, or Perceptol, or TmaxRs etc. I think you'd have to go to a developer like Rodinal or Microphen to get noticeable grain. I haven't printed 24X30, but I don't see grain at 20x24.

Gem Singer
5-Jun-2004, 06:23
Hi David,

I routinely use Ilford HP-5+ 4X5 sheet film developed in Ilfotec DD-X developer and enlarge the negatives to 16X20. Grain is visible on the prints under very high magnification, especially in large areas of clear sky. However, when viewing the print at "normal viewing distance", the grain pattern is minimal and not noticeable, as it is when enlarging a 35mm negative to 16X20. I've never made a 24X30 enlargement from one of my negatives, so I cannot give you any facts. I can speculate that grain probably would be noticeable at that magnification.

Leonard Evens
5-Jun-2004, 08:14
I just examined one of my HP5 negatives, developed in D76 1:1, under 8 X magnification. I can begin to make out some grain. You shouldn't see any grain in a 16 x 20, but you might see it in a 24 x 30 if you got close up. It should not be visible at normal viewing distances.

Chris Gittins
5-Jun-2004, 12:51
4x5 HP5 w/1+1 D76 shouldn't exhibit noticable grain when printed 16x20. In fairness, "noticable grain" is a function of your eyesight, how close you're standing to the print, and how closely you're looking for it. You could try a 1+3 dilution for finer grain. If you go that route, make sure you're using at least 2 oz. D76 stock per sheet and your normal development time will increase substantially. For reference, my normal development time w/1+3 is 12 minutes at 68 deg F to print on Ilford MG IV FB: condenser enlarger, #2.5 contrast filter.


Brian Ellis
5-Jun-2004, 14:29
There are a lot of factors that enter into the ability to see grain besides the brand of film you use. But FWIW, I've been using D76 1-1 with HP5+ in 4x5 for about nine years and I don't typically see grain in my 11x14 and 16x20 prints when viewed by eye from a reasonable distance. If I used a loupe, or put the prints on my nose, or habitually overdeveloped, or really looked hard for the existence of grain I might be able to find it.

Per Volquartz
6-Jun-2004, 00:39
HP5 processed in Pyro exhibits no grain in 16X20 prints as the Pyro developer creates a continues tone stain along with the silver image. This stain masks areas between the silver particles and creates smooth grainless highlight areas (areas where you would see grain if processed in Rodinal etc.).

Steve Feldman
6-Jun-2004, 18:24
Yup. I'm with Philippe. I also develope HP5+ in my "soup du jour" of HC-110, print 11x14 & 16x20 and see no appreciable grain. FWIW - I've been fighting grain for the last 20 years in 35mm (terrible grain in 11x14's), 120 roll film (still unacceptable grain in 11x14's). Been using 4x5 sheet film for the last three years with no visable grain in ISO 400 film. I'm never going back to smaller formats.

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