View Full Version : Suggestions for glue to use on 5x7 wood film holders...

Leszek Vogt
22-Apr-2013, 13:38
I have several film holders that I need to fix and no idea what to use w/material to hold the flap in place. Epoxy ?...or there is something better for this operation ? Thanks.


22-Apr-2013, 13:46
I have just used carpenter's wood glue for the wood parts. The tape is suppose to hold the flap on. Replace tape, or I would just use the wood glue to re-attach the tape.

Kevin Crisp
22-Apr-2013, 14:16
You're gluing the flap? But it has to move. Just use bookbinder's tape which is adhesive. If the holders are clean and smooth you won't need any glue. You can also use gaffer's tape but if the camera back is tight they may not seat since the tape is thicker.

Jon Shiu
22-Apr-2013, 16:00
Hockey tape works good for flaps. It is thin, flexible and easy to trim with razor after applying.


John Kasaian
23-Apr-2013, 10:04
I wouldn't glue the tape hinges, just replace the tape. If the tape is becoming unglued theres a good chance of the fabric failing and you don't want to loose those fragile flapper things (or perhaps it was retaped with an unsuitable tape before you got the holders.) Pull the old dry tape off, clean it up by gentley scrapeing the old glue off or carefully use a small bit of solvent on a cloth sos not to inadvertently soften any structural glue, or even very fine sandpaper (600 grit or higher) and then retape with bookbinders tape (the best) or a field expedient (gaffer's, hockey, linen...but NOT duct, masking, or electric tape, which will make a royal mess of things next time 'round)