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Terry Skidmore
4-Jun-2004, 11:26
I haven't done any B&W developing or printing in over 25 years and am now interested in getting back into it but I'm having a devil of a time finding anything anymore.

One item I used to love for portrait photography was called I believe "India Tone" paper. Does anyone recognize it and if so is it still around or is there some kind of substitute? I had a surface texture like linen and had deep warm tone to it.

Louie Powell
4-Jun-2004, 11:41
Well - - - I often think of myself as an old-timer, and while I have heard of Indiatone, it had been discontinued long before I got into photography. I believe it was made by Dupont.

John Cook
4-Jun-2004, 11:48
Paper choice is, of course, a matter of taste. And since everyone's taste is different, so is his favorite paper.

However, you are correct that many, if not most, of our old favorites are gone now. But if you are up for horsing around with fiber-based papers and have deep pockets, one website which is dense with materials which echo the Old Days:


Pat Kearns
4-Jun-2004, 11:50
Luminos has what they call Charcoal R Warm Tone paper which might be what you are looking for. Their website is www.luminos.com. Worth the look.

Nick Morris
4-Jun-2004, 12:00
Hello Terry,

I think its safe to say that very little in B&W photo paper produced 25 years ago remains in production. Thats not to say that good papers are not being produced today, but they are not the same ones. I'm relatively new to developing and printing, but I like Ilford Ilfobrom Galliere, a graded fiber-based paper in glossy and matt; and Agfa Multiclassic, a varible contrast fiber-based paper in glossy and semi-matt. I also like Forte Polywarmtone with ivory base. It is a variable contrast paper that I use in semi-matt finish. It has an old fashioned look I like, but I have trouble getting good tone separation in the lower values. I haven't used it for portraits yet, but it should make a nice portrait paper. These are enlaring papers. Azo, a contact print paper, is probably the oldest paper still in production, and has a loyal following for those who contact print only. Check out Michael A. Smith and Paul Chamlee's web site for more details. There are a number of good papers being produced. I'm sure others will recommend their favorites. Good luck.

4-Jun-2004, 13:27
Indiatone was a beautiful Agfa/Ansco product, long gone along with it's companion, ISOPAN film. There's no more film packs, either, Terry. Nothin's the same!

David A. Goldfarb
4-Jun-2004, 14:39
I don't know about Indiatone, but the combo I'm liking a lot right now for enlarging is Cachet (Maco outside the U.S.) Expo RF in Michael A. Smith's amidol formula for enlarging papers, and for contact printing, Azo in Smith's amidol formula for Azo. Formulas at www.michaelandpaula.com, click on "Azo" and then "Azo formulas."

Mike Chini
4-Jun-2004, 20:37
Try some cheap 8x10 packs (as if anything photography--related could be cheap). I say give Fortezo graded Semi-Matte and AZO a chance! Bergger NB papers are nice as well in Edwal Ultra Black for a cold to neutral look.

Richard Grogan
10-Jun-2004, 00:26
Terry, check out Mitsubishi Gekko Matte and Glossy paper.It's a good RC paper thats a medium weight.I do 16X20 matte prints that really work.Very nice blacks and warm midtones, bright whites. Freestyle http://www.freestylephoto.biz/sc_advsearch.php carrys this brand and quiet a variety of the previously mentioned papers. Welcome back and happy printing!!