View Full Version : Century Studio plate holders ?

21-Apr-2013, 17:29

I just bought this from ebay.

Looks like two 5x7 plate holders for century cameras, have anyone used these or have any kind of experience with them ?
Do they attach to the same place where the sliding back attach ?
I will know soon anyway, but it would be interesting if anyone here have used them and could tell me about these, how they are in use, how the tambour "door" works and so on.
I guess/hope they are for wet-plate primarily ?


Louis Pacilla
22-Apr-2013, 07:18
Hey Jonny

You will need the older 5x7 Cabinet Attachment sliding back for use with the 5x7 curtain holder . These curtain holders do not work the newer generation Century Sliding Back #1 w/ 8x10 and 5x7 spring backs.

The attachment I have added shows what you'll need to locate.

BTW- I've only seen a few of these in working condition on auction in all my time. They don't come up to often because most photography studios threw them out after the spring backs with double sided thin & light holders came into fashion.

Hope this helps

22-Apr-2013, 08:30
Ah, right. Makes sense.
Maybe I would be able to duplicate the "cabinet attachment sliding back" somehow =) Anyway, looks kinda cool, and fun to have original accessories anyway =)
Thank you for the help again, Louis ! =)

Steven Tribe
22-Apr-2013, 09:31
My limited experience is, that while Century sets don't often have these original sliding backs and tambour holders, other, European, studio sets do! I have seen 3 sets in the past 18 months with the 24x24cm size to allow both landscape and portrait modes for 18x24cm.
Perfect for wet plate with the back loading door.
Now you have to find the matching ground glass holder - or you will have to sacrifice one of the holders for this purpose!

23-Apr-2013, 07:15
Yeah, either have to make it, find one (not very probable) or try and some diy with one of the holders. Either way, it will be interesting ! :D
Still looking for a stand tho, have proven to be difficult to find a stand for sale in Europe, or preferable Scandinavia =)