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21-Apr-2013, 05:55
I'm looking for a 3 way panhead or a gearhead with a load capacity of 40 kg or more
can anyone recommend a product?

thank you.

Jonathan Barlow
21-Apr-2013, 08:55
88 pounds?


Mark Woods
21-Apr-2013, 11:48
Jonathan, that's only a 2 way. ;-)

23-Apr-2013, 10:16
Jonathan, that's only a 2 way. ;-)

So use another under it at a 90 degree rotation! :)

Brian C. Miller
23-Apr-2013, 10:34
Mitchell / Flat Base Fluid Heads (http://www.abelcine.com/store/Mitchell-Flat-Base-Fluid-Heads/)

They have one at the bottom that handles up to 265lbs, so that should be OK for your application.

... and what monopod will you be using with this? ;)

Drew Bedo
23-Apr-2013, 11:00
Can we see a picture of this really big camera?

Michael Graves
23-Apr-2013, 12:38
If you don't mind older stuff, the Gitzo Rationale 4 would probably fill the bill.

24-Apr-2013, 04:46
actually the load is not a camera, I work with tactic UAV's (unmanned air vehicles) with a load of 30-40 kg, while the technitian assemble the UAV on a stand he needs to change and cheak the picth and roll angles, today 2 technicians are lifting the UAV and cheaking the angles, I want the ability of cheaking the angles with one technitian while the UAV is still on the stand. I need the ability of controling 3 axis sepertly (see pic). I will be glad if u can help me find the suitable head or another idea. The max price I can pay for one head is 1000 dolar.

24-Apr-2013, 04:55
Well.. me Tiffen pan head is not geared, but it has been used to hold models around 100 pounds , on occasion.. And it is 3 way. But it will require ye old tripod with center column to clamp onto

24-Apr-2013, 16:09
My heaviest camera weighs about 12 pounds.

Jeff Keller
26-Apr-2013, 19:23
How about tilting tables used for machining http://www.grizzly.com/products/Tilt-Table-7-x-10-/G5759
Mount one on top of another.