View Full Version : Choosing between three lenses

21-Apr-2013, 04:17
Given the choice for a B&J 4x5 Press camera, which lens would you choose:

- Kodak Ektar 127mm f:4.7
- Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 135mm f:4.5
- Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm f:4.7

I have all three, but I only need one (I think, unless you advise otherwise :)).


Dan Fromm
21-Apr-2013, 05:50
The Ektar. Historically correct and a fine lens.

21-Apr-2013, 08:28
That's a tough one. All three have very nice character. You cannot sell them for much so unless you need the money keep all three, use them, then eventually sell off the one you like the least down the road.

Jim Galli
21-Apr-2013, 08:44
Didn't some of the mid fifties Ysarex lenses use rare earth glass? Is the Ektar coated? They were very consistently good.

John Kasaian
21-Apr-2013, 08:51
If the Ysarex is in a copal or prontor shutter, hang on to it---you can use the shutter to mount a 150 or 210 G Claron should you come across a barrel lens in the future.
The 127 Ektar is very nice lens but it won't allow for movements on a 4x5---thats fine on a Speed Graphic but if your B&J has movements it could be frustrating so the tessar might be better suited.
But keep them all. They don't take up hardly any space and you don't have to feed them, plus it is nce to have a spare in case an old shutter starts giving you fits the day before a shoot.