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Sam Cooper
3-Jun-2004, 11:03
I am relatively new to large format photography, but I'm interesting in possibly forming a LF club in the western Carolinas (SC & NC). I'm not aware of any such club in the area. I have been involved in photography for approximately 20 years....only a few months back I decided to take a venture into LF. If you are interested in forming a new club, please respond to this message. Thank you.

Jay Lnch
3-Jun-2004, 11:35
Sam, I would love to join such a group. I don't know of any in the Carolinas, but we could sure start one.

Charlotte, NC

Sam Cooper
3-Jun-2004, 11:41

Great! I live in the Greenville, SC area...just over an hour from you. Let's wait a week or so to see what type of replys we get, and then get busy at forming the club.


3-Jun-2004, 12:32
Hi Sam and Jay,

Sam, I live in Greenville also.

Jay, do you know Chuck Downes in Charlotte? He does a lot of large format work.

Mike Troxell
3-Jun-2004, 18:18

I live in the SE section of TN, about 15 minutes outside of Chattanooga, but around 90% of my photographs are taken in the Smokies so I'm in N Carolina several times a month. I'd be very interested in a LF club in the area.

Don Bryant
4-Jun-2004, 08:43
Hi Guys,

I live in Buford, GA. about 60 miles south of the SC-GA line on I-85. I would be interested in such a group. I'm not sure what the mission should or could be, but I'm interested.


Steve Hamley
4-Jun-2004, 10:34
I'd be interested. I'm in East Tennessee also, but I shoot in the Carolina side of the Smokies and the Blue Ridge quite frequently.


Jerry Greer
6-Jun-2004, 13:22
Sound great to me!

Hey, Steve see you in a few days!

Sam, great to talk to you on the land-line the other day!

Sam Cooper
7-Jun-2004, 08:39
Hi everyone!

I have been away from my computer since early afternoon on Thursday...thus the reason for me not replying to your messages in a more timely fashion.

I am very delighted to see that we have seven potential members for a LF club. Given the geographic distribution of us, it may be that we want to title the club something other than LF club of the western Carolinas. The name doesn't matter anyway.

I'm thinking that we may want to schedule a meeting in the coming weeks to get ourselves organized. It looks like Hendersonville,NC may be a convinient meeting place. If, however, Greenville works just as well then I can find a place here. Let me know what you think.

Am I correct in thinking that either Saturday or Sunday will work best for us to get together? Will June 26 or 27 work?

I'll be happy to hear from all of you.


Robert Dermer
8-Jun-2004, 08:19
Like Don Bryant, I live in Buford, Ga and would be very interested in joining such a club. If you have room for one more, let me know what i can do to help in getting this rolling.

Anne Williams
8-Jun-2004, 11:01
I live in NE Alabama and would love to be on your list even though it may be a little too far for me to go regularly, but I'd really relish the chance to share and learn from others.


8-Jun-2004, 11:38
I'll be shooting in East Tennesses about that time. Please keep me apraised of dates, places, etc. I'd love to drive across the hills and join you. bmitch@comcast.net

Bob Eskridge
10-Jul-2004, 19:51
I'm late and don't know how I missed this thread but I live in SC, a little East of Charlotte. So am interested in participating when I can. Add me to your list.

Sam Cooper
12-Jul-2004, 09:38

Welcome aboard! We are now communicating by way of a Yahoo Group titled WCVCG (Western Carolina View Camera Group). Again, we welcome your involvement.


28-Mar-2010, 21:13
I live near Johnson City Tennessee and I have recently begun using a 4x5. I would be interesting a group in the Asheville, Kingsport, Bristol,or Knoxville Area. IF there is still interest.

29-Mar-2010, 07:48

Welcome aboard! We are now communicating by way of a Yahoo Group titled WCVCG (Western Carolina View Camera Group). Again, we welcome your involvement.


Yahoo says "No matches found...". Perhaps you could include a link.

Brian Ellis
29-Mar-2010, 13:43
Yahoo says "No matches found...". Perhaps you could include a link.

Maybe in the six years since this thread was started they've changed the name to WCDCG. : - )

29-Mar-2010, 13:43
Got sucked in again. RTFD.

Tom Conway
29-Mar-2010, 15:47
As usual, I'm a few years behind, but am interested! Please contact me if the club is up and running.

Bill McMannis
31-Mar-2010, 06:33
I would be interested in participating as well. I live in Asheville and have been shooting LF for more than a decade after graduating from MF for thirty years.